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Segunda-feira, 14.03.05

Our lovely friend in Starbucks

Eu e Rick in Starbucks.jpg

I'm going to write all this article in english so that you, Rick, can understand it. Actually, you did a very good job trying to understand what I wrote in portuguese! And you did!!!
You're right about your coment... Tammy and I will never be nouns, not even close... Though she's much more closer then I am...
But we do Adore your company in Starbucks on Tuesday's nights and whenever we meet.
We really LOVE to talk and learn with you. Because you are vey smart, you know a lot, and you don't make us feel stupid by not knowing obvious things. More me then Tammy. I'm the ignorant one!!! (I'm so ashamed of me, myself and I)

Dispite our different opinions about certain things that we've discussed, you are a great company and we hope that you feel the same about us
 Now, Starbucks is not just Starbucks anymore... It's Starbucks and Rick!
I REALLY HOPE that you come and visit Portugal... Because.................. I'm almost leaving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And I'm so anxious!!!! You know the reasons!
So... Bye... And see you tomorrow, Tuesday at 8 in Starbucks!!!! Ok?

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por foreverthirtyfive às 19:00

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De Susana a 20.03.2005 às 10:52

I liked to see that you made good friends in the United States, frindship is one of the most important things that we have in life, you learned a lot, you are a different person now, kiss for you my friend.. ;)

De Sara a 19.03.2005 às 11:41

Thanks Rick. It's very nice of you to nice that...
And thanks for the NUN correction.
Oh, by the way, You lied to me!!!!! You said that the small size of Chantico had 1200 calories. It's doesn't. It has 600. So, the tall size might have, around 1200. You got me very worried that day...'Cause, you know, 2400 cal on a drink it's reallt too much! Even if it's only chocolate.
I know that you always say that we should find the good in people, but, sometimes, it's really hard to do that or to find good people. So, I'm glad that we have you to talk and laught at the end of the day.

De Rick a 16.03.2005 às 07:55

Thanks for the message: I feel the same way you do about our times at Starbucks. By the way, as an English lesson you should note that a "nun" is the Catholic religious woman, while a "noun" is part of English grammar.

I look forward to coming to Portugal, but it will be hard to see you leave in July. R.

De TAMMY a 15.03.2005 às 22:06

Sara, Sara, would be very funny to see you as a noun.....jajajjajajajajajaaa you said I'm much closer to be a noun than you're.....jajajjajjajajjajajajaaaa.....I'm a holy woman ....jajjajjaajjajaaaa or a naughty holy woman as Omar uses to call me ....jajajjajajaa. Oh well, girl, I don't think Pedro would allow you to become a noun, wouldn't you Pedro ? and anyway ....I don't think the convent would accept us NO WAY !!!!
Too bad, too sad !! least I can get married with a seminarian ......jjajajajajajjajajaaaa
Kiss lovely friend !!

De natividade a 15.03.2005 às 00:51

Minha querida menina
Como me soube bem ver a tua carinha. Que saudades a tia tem de te ouvir, de te ver. Que bom que já estamos em contagem decrescente.O inglês da tia é muito fraco, apesar do curso de inglês no Wall Street - o que me faz pensar que burro velho não aprende línguas...por isso não faço comentários nenhuns ao texto mas sim só à tua foto.Continuas a alegrar-me ao ínicio do dia.Beijinhos

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